Murphy's Law, it affects all of us from time to time.  Whatever can happen, will happen.  Vehicle preparation is the responsibility of every driver.

Every car and driver will be required to be licensed, registered and insured.  There will be an inspection of every participants documents and a safety of their cars to make sure you have the basics required to have a drama free event.  This checklist if not complete will not allow you to participate in the event.  No refunds will be issued.


Vehicle prep:

Here’s a few good tips on how to prepare your car for the event.


  1. Drive your car.  Make sure you don’t show up to the even with a car which has just been restored or just taken out of long term storage.  Murphy will kick you in the but here.  Go for a drive and shake down all the gremlins which might have been hanging out over the winter.  Do this at least a couple weeks prior to the event so you can get them sorted before you go out on a long rally like ours.

  2. Fuel and Oil. Take your car to get a fresh oil change and filter before you go.  Get that fuel filter changed.  It’s a cheap and easy spare to carry as well.  Just check the entire system out.  It’s something which can cause you to call for a tow out in the middle of nowhere.  We recommend carrying a spare fuel filter, fuel pump and even a couple feet of fuel hose for on the road repairs.

  3. Tires.  Please don’t show up to the event with old rotten or cracked tires or even worn out tires.  A blow out can occur no matter what.  But the chances of it happening with good tires is much lower.  Also, please carry a spare.  This will allow you to finish the rally if you do get a blow out.  Most towns have some sort of garage to get you back on the road.  But many are closed on Sundays. 

  4. Be prepared.  If you were never a Boy Scout there’s still hope yet.  Make sure you and your car can handle 100+ degree weather or even snow in the upper altitudes.  Freak storms happen.  Make sure you and your car are ready for it.


We will have a chase truck on the route to help but here’s a list of spares we recommend you come prepared with:


[  ]  Fan belts

[  ]  Coolant hoses

[  ]  Distributor cap and rotor

[  ]  Points and condenser

[  ]  Ignition coil

[  ]  Spark plugs and wires

[  ]  Fuel pumps

[  ]  Extra oil and oil filter

[  ]  Functional spare tire

[  ]  Proper size inner tube

[  ]  Jack and Lug Wrench

[  ]  Fire extinguisher

[  ]  Warning triangles/Flares

[  ]  Assortment of common tools

[  ]  Tools unique to your car

[  ]  Spare wire and connectors

[  ]  First Aid kit

[  ]  Emergency putty

[  ]  Cell Phone